Factors like Lagna, the position of Navagraha in a horoscope, their Nakshatra Paadam (called zodiac constellation), the Nakshatra (Birth Star), Raasi (Moon Sign), and several Yogas, permutations and combinations in the consideration of the horoscope are involved, when a conclusion / prediction is made.

One thing we have to bear in mind is that, a study of a horoscope does not provide for endless possibilities for predictions.
Predictive Astrology  is a matter of probabilities.  It is not a certainity and as well it is not a simple possibility.  When an astrological conclusion is arrived at, several factors influencing the conclusions are considered and then a prediction is given. 
I have, to some extent, attempted to explain in plain common man's words, the various definitions and / or meanings involved in various astrological aspects. 
A common man perhaps in most cases can not learn astrology even to its elementary stage - and yet - this is an attempt to throw some light with my limited knowledge, so that the common man will have some understanding about his own horoscope.

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Marriage Matching: Indian marriages are mostly arranged marriages even now.   The western culture of dating has not engrossed our society atleast until now.   Of course, love marriages are increasingly taking place in the modern days.  But they are altogether different from the dating culture.
Because of our social set up and marriage arrangements, there was and even now there is, a need to ensure the compatibility of the marrying couple, since the boy and the girl are new to each other and there is a need for some scale with which we can measure the compatibility of the girl and the boy.  Horoscopes matching satisfies this need to a large extent. 

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Marriage Breaks & Separations:  This topic does not propose to examine the astrological reasons or horoscope attributes that can be shown as an indicator or reason for separations after a marriage has taken place.

In this article I am only sharing my thoughts loud with you.  I am going to think over the separations and share with you the most common reasons.   For more details  Click Here
Numerology:  Your Name denotes you and only you.  You have your identity on this world only by your name.  There are other indicators about your luck and prosperity.  These are denoted by the numbers that pertains to you by way of your birth.

If the numbers favourable to you are denoted by your birth date, the same should be the case to the thousands of children born on that date.

Therefore, there should be a more precise pointer to your individual number or numbers which are unique to you.  This objective is served by your Horoscope which counts on your Birth Time, Birth Date and Birth Place. 
List of Baby Names: Lists of Names for Female and Male babies are now published.  The lists will be regularly updated.  We hope that this will provide some help in naming a Baby  or  renaming an existing Name.  Click Here
Vaasthu Sastra: Vaasthu Sastra is another independent ancient science.  Our ancient temples and palacial buildings were constructed as per Vaasthu guidelines.  In our villages, we can see almost all houses are built Vaasthu compliant. 

One can not say that Vaasthu and for that matter Astrology & Numerology also, have answer to all the questions and problems of life.   But, it is very much evident that Vaasthu solves several problems of life.
While Numerology is inter-related to Astrology and Horoscope, Vaasthu Sastra is independent.  Vaasthu Sastra only speaks about the place or the building.  Vaasthu considers if the place (location or plot) and as well any building, house, portion or Apartment House, is prosperous by itself, whoever owns or occupies the house.

Vaasthu only considers the living or business place for its prosperity and happiness of the inmates or users or the owners.

Vaasthu is a separate science.   It is like logrithm in mathematics.   Read more in Topic  "  Vaasthu Sastra  ".

The Number or Numbers that are favourable and lucky to your fortunes can be precisely  identified only your Horoscope.  There are occasions where the incumbent does not know his / her exact Birth Time.  In such cases, the generic methodology of Numerological conclusions can be adopted.   We will have to correlate your experiences and important events in life and take into consideration the Birth Date based calculations and finally arrive at a conclusion.  This is a cumbersome process and always has the chances for error.  When no other concrete birth information is available, this method can be resorted to.

In any case, the Name is not concluded on its numerological value alone - but the vibration of the Name is also important, which should be born in mind in concluding a Name for Individual or Business.

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Study of a horoscope has its own limitations.  One can not go beyond the limitations and say something as a prediction.  There is always a risk  of  concocted theories that rather threatens an incumbent.
உரத்த‌ சிந்தனை
Transit Predictions
நமது சிந்தனையும்  செயலும்  யதார்த்தமாகவும்  நேர்மையாகவும்  இருந்தால்,  யாருக்காகவும்  நம்மை  நாம்  மாற்றிக்  கொள்ளத் தேவையில்லை.   நம்மைப்  பற்றி  நமக்கு  இருக்கும்  தேவையில்லாத தாழ்வு  மனப்பான்மை அல்லது   தேவையில்லாத‌  உயர்வு  மனப்பான்மை  நமது  தோல்விகளுக்குக்  காரணமாக  பல நேரங்களில் இருந்துவிடுகின்றன.  ஆனால், இதை நாம் உணர்வதில்லை..
நேரமும்,  எனது  உடல்  நிலையும்  அனுமதிக்கும்  பட்ச்சத்தில்,  அவ்வப் பொழுது  தமிழில்  சில தகவல்களைப்   பகிர்ந்து  கொள்ள  முயற்சிக்கிறேன்.    இந்த  பகுதியை  அடிக்கடி  பார்த்துத்  தெரிந்து  கொள்ளவும்.  
-- கிருஷ்ணகாந்த் ஐயர்,  ராஜயோகம் ஜோதிடர்.
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