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The Pooja Room may be an independent room.  Or it can be a shelf or even a part of a shelf where the images of Gods are kept and worshipped.

A Pooja Room can be anywhere in a house.  Some people are of the illusion that the Pooja Room should be in the centre of the house.  Some others believe that it should be in the North-East Corner which is called Easanya Moolai.  In fact both perceptions are wrong.  Even we can say that keeping the Pooja Room either in the centre of the house or in the North East Corner is not so auspicious as compared to other places in the house.

The Centre of the House is called Brahmma Sthanam, which should normally be kept vacnt so as to allow the universal positive energies will circulate around.  The North East Corner should also be, as far as  possible, vacant without much of load bearing.  Also, in a Pooja Room, our custom is to light up a lamp before the images of God.  A lighted lamp consists of fire.  But this corner is supposed to be cool and water bearing.

As such keeping the Pooja Room in either of these two places is not as auspicious as in other places in a house.

Also, a Pooja Room is a place of sanctity and should be clean and tidy both by its physical and environmental architecture.

As such, it is also not advisable to keep the Pooja Room in the Bed Rooms, where family activities take place.

Also, the Pooja Room should not be in a place hear a place where the footwear or the broomstkicks and the like are kept, since they damage the sanctity of the Pooja Room.

The Pooja Room can either be an independant room, or an independant shelf or even part of a shelf.

Whatever is the Pooja Room, it should be in a clean environment and should be cleanly maintained.

The most appropriate place for a Pooja Room is either close to the Kitchen of the House or can even be within the Kitchen.

It is advisable, where non-vegetarian food are cooked in the kitchen, not to keep the Pooja Room within the Kitchen - but in a place close to the Kitchen.

Places like the hall or the dining room are also appropriate to keep the Pooja Room - of course, subject to the above conditions.

It is preferable that the Pooja Room or Pooja Shelf faces the East or North Directions.  If both these directions are not feasible, the Pooja Room can face the West Direction.

Whichever the direction the Pooja Room and the Gods' Images face, it is desirable that it is not in the centre part of the house, which is called Brahmma Sthanam.